Tuesday, December 18, 2018


What if there really was a flood as described in Genesis?


What can granite, coal and diamonds tell us about earth?

Coal and diamonds are the products of a massive worldwide flood. Coal also proves that our earth is only several thousand years young. Granite proves instant creation. Watch the first video below, where the original scientist presents this evidence, and, shows you major scientific journals that published his findings, over four decades ago.

Video 1. HOW OLD IS EARTH really

There are also many parallels between the globe earth illusion and the diamond illusion. Watch the video below, about the story of how the diamond illusion was created!

Video 2. DIAMONDS NOT RARE controlled by cartel (enhanced)

The Diamond Empire
Frontline documentary aired February 1, 1994.

"Diamonds, and all the associations we have with diamonds, is the product of a marketing strategy, it's completely invisible, transparent. If you measure it in terms of how all the myths created with this advertising campaign have been deeply inculcated in people, its reached deeply into the popular imagination, this is probably the most successful campaign in history."

Are diamonds what you think they are? Precious and rare?

"I found out it was just the opposite! Everywhere where there's carbon (coal), which is everywhere, you find diamonds."

Frontline examines the cartel that controls the diamond trade, the supply, the price, and the myth.

What makes this cartel different, it's controlled by a single family.

Tonight, the diamond empire.

What you think about diamonds is in fact a myth. At the center of that myth, is in fact an illusion, that diamonds are valuable because they are rare.

When writer Edward Jay Epstein set out to investigate the diamond trade, he discovered that diamonds aren't rare at all.

"What I learned was, that the diamond business wasn't the business of extracting, as I originally expected, something of enormous value, and then simply seeing how much of this object you could get out of the ground, and selling it. That is what the business appeared to be, when I started my venture. But their real business was restricting what came out of the ground, restricting what was discovered, restricting what got cut, restricting what actually found its way into the retail market, and at the same time, through movies, through advertising, through Hollywood, through the manipulation of perceptions, creating the idea that there was this enormous demand for these shiny little objects, that they seemed to have an abundant supply, so I wound up on this voyage of discovery, starting off with the idea that there was this object of great value, and it was a question of how many could you get out, and I wound up discovering it was just the opposite."

This is a story about how that grand illusion was created.

How the story of how one family gained control of the world's diamond trade. And for almost a century has maintained a hold on an empire that defines the very idea of what diamonds really are.

New York is the center of the worlds richest diamond jewelry market, it's a 10.8 billion dollar industry.

Welcome to young earth!!!