Fake Antarctica Videos Exposed

There is no mention of a 24 hour Antarctic sun in the historical record by the early explorers.


So many people have been taken in by FAKE videos of a 24 hour sun in Antarctica. I was challenged late in the summer of 2018, by a brainwashed NASA believer, to prove the Scott Base video is fake. The video directly below, is the initial result of that challenge, enjoy!

Video 1. south pole debunk FAKE Antarctica midnight sun

This video (above) is a complete debunk of three fake Antarctica videos uploaded by liars on YouTube; Scott Base, McMurdo, and Amundsen. It begins with a powerful comparative levels analysis between Scott Base fake video at south latitude 77°51' and real footage of the northern midnight sun from the Polish station at 77°00' north latitude. By lowering the RGB levels, we proved a fake sun. For McMurdo fake video, we proved a fake sun by slowing it down and watching it pass behind some poles and completely disappearing from the sky, glare and all, even though the pole was way too thin to do this.

To remove any doubts, we will do a deeper analysis of some of the tricks already exposed in the video above, such as the disappearing sun trick in the McMurdo fake video. And the failed attempt to create a fish eye lens effect in the Scott Base fake video, exposing the fact that this fake video was made by layering. Also, a frame by frame video has been made of the entire Scott Base fake video panning sequence, where you can see the fake sun layer and its static fake rays visible in cloud cover.


Video 2. McMurdo FAKE video fully exposed fraud (freeze frame analysis)

You simply cannot cause the sun to disappear with anything less than the diameter of the sun, be it a distant pole or a near pole. In the McMurdo fake video, we saw a giant orb approaching a thin pole, and suddenly it disappears behind the thin pole, glare and all, like in cartoons where a big fat bear completely hides behind a thin tree trunk.

IN REALITY, a thin pole, a few feet away from the camera, is going to be huge! And the sun will appear much smaller next to it, and the glare will always be present, even while the sun is completely covered.

Image 1. It does not matter if the pole is near or far, the relative width compared to the sun diameter is all that matters. In this illustration, the viewer is within 5 feet of a 3 inch wide pole, looking across the street at a 10 inch wide lamp post. You could also do the same test with the moon at night.

I stood a few feet away from a 3 inch diameter vertical pole, and noticed that the orb of the sun (not the glare) could fit 4 to 5 diameters into the width of the pole. At the same time, I also viewed a lamp post across the street, and its width was about half the diameter of the sun orb (not counting the glare) and as I moved to the side so as to position the sun behind the lamp post, the orb remained visible the entire time. You simply cannot cause the sun to disappear with anything less than the diameter of the sun, be it a distant pole or a near pole. Now, think back to that totally FAKE McMurdo video, and recall that the sun diameter was MUCH BIGGER than the width of the pole. That's the smoking gun!


First, let's review real (northern) midnight sun footage, to see what real barrel distortion looks like. As you watch the video below, make sure you notice how perfect and even the barrel distortion is (fish eye lens effect) especially in the bottom corners. I applied a CRT monitor effect, to bring out the natural color gradient.

Video 3. Arctic Midnite Sun

A barrel distortion grid applied onto the Scott Base fake video, is all it takes to prove it's fake. Study the snapshots below, followed by the video. Look at the horizon near the bottom of the frame, notice it is PERFECTLY STRAIGHT throughout the entire video. Notice that the mountains and little houses coast along the curved distortion line, which is ABOVE the horizon. The problem is, that the horizon is closer to the edge of the frame (closer to the outer edge of the wide angle or fish eye lens where the most distortion occurs) and so it should be MORE CURVED than the scenery above it.

Image 2. Notice that the mountain top (right) and green houses, are angled UP to the RIGHT, following the distortion line PERFECTLY.

Notice that only the mountains to the right (Image 2) follow the curved line (barrel distortion pattern) and they do so perfectly! But the mountain to the left has ZERO distortion. You only see it one time, it enters from the left with ZERO distortion, and moves to the right with zero distortion, until it passes the midway point. Notice the straight line, along the bottom of the mountains, that happens to match the LEVEL horizon (Image 4) perfectly.

Image 3. Notice that the mountain top (left) and green houses, are angled UP to the LEFT, following the distortion line PERFECTLY.

Again, we see the straight line in this snapshot (Image 3), taken near the end of the Scott base fake video. Only these mountains (left Image 3, right Image 2) follow the curved pattern, on BOTH sides of the scene (when they enter at left and exit at right) as the camera pans counterclockwise. The scene then fades to black, before the smaller mountain (left Image 2) enters into the scene again. The straight line, near bottom of video that matches the horizon (Image 4) perfectly, is what they keyed all the layers to.

Image 4. Due east in Scott Base fake video. No barrel distortion whatsoever, horizon is perfectly level.

Video 4. Scott Base barrel test FAILED no 24 hour sun Antarctica

All we ask is for a SIMPLE and UNEDITED Antarctic video, like the Arctic midnight sun videos.

You should also pay close attention to the three wind turbines on top of the mountains in the previous snapshots (Image 2 and Image 3). See how they lean to the right and then to the left, and at the midway point (as seen in Video 4), both the mountains and the turbines are straight up and down, as you would expect for objects passing across the middle of a wide angle lens.

Now, let's take a look at a snapshot (Image 5) from the beginning (intro) of the video, where the wind turbines are straight up and down BUT the mountain is angled JUST LIKE in Image 3 above! And, so are some of the green houses! I hope you see the FAKERY now?

Image 5. This is basically Image 3, with the sky chopped off, all poles and wind turbines straightened out vertically, and a white snow field was added to the foreground, below the horizontal "key" line, described previously in the article above (in the paragraph below Image 3). They even got the units wrong for the latitude, the title says 77.51 but should be 77°51' in DMS form (degrees minutes seconds) and 77.85° if you are using decimal degrees.


Frame by frame analysis of the Scott Base fake video, FROZEN SOUTH, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they added a FAKE SUN! Just watch for 60 seconds between 10:00 and 11:00 minutes. Notice how the "frozen fake" sun rays never really change?

Video 5. analisi frame del video "Frozen South Antarctica 24 hour Sun 4K"

The clouds are "too slow".

The sun rays are "always the same".

The "frozen fake" sun rays are the smoking gun!

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And let's see how you add a fake sun to a video:

24 hour sun-- Reproving a fakery


Welcome to flat earth!!!



THIS IS the coup de grâce! (final death blow!)

The trick was to treat two simultaneous motions as independent. And to claim that you cannot feel a constant speed. This would be true if earth was just spinning. But when you take that bowling ball & roll it down a track (constant spin & constant orbit) you no longer feel a constant speed, but an acceleration/deceleration instead!—SPEED CONSTANTLY CHANGES! {because your direction on a spinning ball constantly changes}


The vector analysis for SPIN + ORBIT = 21 mm/s/s acceleration/deceleration every 12 hours.

0 - 2000 mph - 0 mph - 2000 mph - 0 mph - 2000 mph

THE ONLY CONSTANT IS THIS: +21 mm/s/s acceleration & -21 mm/s/s deceleration

On fake globe earth, You NEVER experience an outward centrifugal force opposed by a 300 lb pink elephant. Only lateral forces of acceleration & deceleration can exist! Case closed.


Where is it? 😆😁😂

I got it! https://youtu.be/AfEbsnOXrX0

Draw a circle, that will be the equator and you are looking down on it. Put two points, one at 12 noon and the other at 6.

Now we add the vectors for each motion. Draw two arrows tangential to each point and pointing in the same direction, that is 67,000 mph orbit.

Then add two smaller arrows inline with the first two tangents, one is in the same direction as the tangent, the other on the other tangent is in the opposite direction of the tangent.—These arrows (vectors) are 1000 mph each but in opposite direction, so one adds 1000 mph to 67,000 and the other takes away.

So, say at one point you have 68,000 mph and 66,000 at the other. And this is over 12 hours. you get 21 mm/s/s

And that’s the end of the glob!